Monday, February 17, 2014

More fun in the sun

Today was glorious.  I'm glad, because the next two days are going to involve lots of computer time while I study for three exams (I swear my professors got together and planned this).

I rode Rio, Gunner, and Mojito!  Rio is the 'fullofit' Andalusian mare.
Don't let the cute fool you

So. Much. Hair.
She is coming around finally and today was the least frustrating ride to date.  She thinks that humans are only on this planet to feed cookies and brush her mane...I believe she finds it infuriating that I have the audacity to get on her.  Mares.*

*Diva is not included in this, she is perfect.

Gunner was ridden twice in January and not at all in December.  I really wasn't sure what I would get from him today as I swung up, he was downright lovely.  I swear all the horses today were as happy about the sun as I was.  For the record, my car said it was 58 F at one point, oh the joy!
I'm trying not to judge my position too much here, long winter and all.  
Love the stormy skies

Good boy!
Mojito was thinking that the impending storm might be an excuse for stubbornness, I reminded him of my red hair and then he was great!
Dark side vs. light side
I'm excited to try a new bridle on him tomorrow, at least it is new to me.  Aero's old owner (the same person I drove hither and yon for yesterday) gave me her old stallion's bridle.  We are talking a ~25 year old bridle here, and it is in lovely condition.  The coolest part is that that stallion is Mojito's maternal grandsire.  To add to the excitement, Sprinklerbandit let me put her sparkly browband on it!
It is a deep brown, matches Mojito's flea bites
Finally I have another sunset for you:
The storm never really hit, it just had this pleasant summery feeling 


  1. And I was stuck inside all day long, daydreaming about being in that dang least somebody got to enjoy it!

  2. but but but, humans are only here on this planet to feed cookies and brush.

  3. Lovely bridle & really cool link to M's family tree!
    Photos are fab & I am so glad you got to clock some saddle time. I'll keep everything crossed for you & your exams!
    Best of luck!

  4. Yay for good rides and nice weather! I love the bridle!