Monday, April 14, 2014

Diva jumps on video

This is from last week pre-teeth-floating, pre-farrier, and still in the middle of a nasty heat cycle.  While fussy to the extreme you can see her high levels of coordination as compared to last year.  Also these were a solid 2'3" (well two of them were) and she does it easy peasy.  At one point she cantered through a new vertical, she was convinced the sand bit her, so Sprinklerbandit was nice enough to beef up its appearance and Diva sailed right over.
Hey check it out I'm not eating her mane

Oops, but still not as bad as days past


  1. Wow, spunky mare! funny how much she cleans up over the higher jumps. She's such a pretty girl :)

  2. I know I already watched that, but I had to once more. Diva is so stinkin' awesome.

  3. Yay Diva! Can't wait to see her go with all the work she's had done now.

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