Monday, June 23, 2014

Tack store photo overload!

Hey Y'all I made it to Georgia!  Jess and I went to the Dover store first thing yesterday and it was amazing!
All the clothes

All the bridles

All the saddles

And even more saddles
It was horse girl Mecca!  My mom who makes me the luckiest girl let me splurge on some nice half chaps!
Hello lovely chaps that aren't made up of more replacement stitches than original stitches.
Before I left Canada we make two trips to 'Road Apples' a really nice tackstore outside of Halifax and one trip to a tack shop on Prince Edward Island (yes ladies I went to Anne of Green Gables land!).  The loot?
Gah, the cutest helmet ever!

Dream helmet!

Ogilvy baby pad, grey trim and the tack store embroidery!
Road Apples had some really beautiful things.
Not even away from the car yet and already drooling

Love the name

Woah $$$$

Brown Ariat boots

All the Tailored Sportsman colors!

De Le Coeur bonnets

Prestige bridles (not sure about the reflector looking and plastic trim)

More Prestige

Antares breastplate

Jin Stirrups
So many things to love!
Even more Prestige
 The store on PEI was smaller and not as fancy but still had some nice things and half the store was western.  It was way out in the country in someones side barn.  The owners are looking to retire and sell if anyone is interested in a big move!
Always smiling where tack is involved
So quaint!

All the boots!

Some nice bridles
No worries only three more pictures;)  We went to a shoe store around Halifax and they had all the Blundstones and lots of wellies.
Practical and cute

OOO la la
Yes a pair came home.
Red and Black


  1. Love the shiny Prestige bridles....until I saw the brand name written right in the middle. Boo :(

  2. I follow Road Apples on Instagram... looooove all their stuff. It'd be a bit of a drive for me though. ;)

  3. Fun!! Road Apples and the shop in someone's barn are super cute!

  4. SO MUCH AWESOME. Yeah, totally jealous of your ability to touch all the things!

  5. Me wants all the thingz!
    Love the CO helmet & Tredstep chaps! My TSI gaiters are on their last legs...must see if I can organise myself a trip back to Ireland for big horse show in Dublin that has all the tack stands!!!

  6. DAMN YOU. You needed to steal the Anteres breastplate for me. And a pair of plum colored Tailored Sportmans. And a Prestige bridle. And maybe one of those bonnets, and another Ogilvy baby pad....your purse is too damn small for stealing me all of the things.

  7. Ahhh, drooling so much. Too many pretty things!

  8. I love going to Dover. It's gorgeous.

  9. I totally swooned over all your picks! I really want to go to a place that has all the things. And I LOVE that helmet BTW.