Thursday, May 9, 2013

Coming up for air

Not much time as finals are next week and next weekend is the Idaho Dressage Festival (which I'm riding two horses at).  Whew, leaving the house by 5am and getting home around 9pm has not been conducive to getting this blog written on, sorry guys.  After finals are over I will have more time and plan to return to sharing about my escapades.  My husband is home, FINALLY!!!! It has been great great great!  I'm going to share some pics here as a time saving way to catch up with you.
We have been having some big rolling thunder storms, and the leaves are unfurling from the grape vines

Sadie (the back biter) and I go for a gallop

Star, one of two Halflingers I will take to the show

Idaho TB assoc award for 3yo filly of the year, Eugene was training her at golden gate.  Note: she just won here at Les Bois yesterday!

whispers *totally me*

Bridger is back from the cowboy, still rude, but willing to learn

Sprinklerbandits came over for a ride and Mojito and Suzie thought it would be a good time to race!
Ok that's all for now, but I promise more sooner than later.  Racing has started and we have already ran two seconds and won one!!!!

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