Sunday, May 26, 2013

Git er done

School is done for the semester, woot woot!  The show with the Halflingers went quite well, in fact I garnered the Open Training reserve champion ribbon!  They were super for their first show ever, the start of warm ups was just a bit exciting, but they quickly composed themselves and went to work.  Best of all, their owners were thrilled with the weekend.
Austin's very square halt

Down center line

Big trot for a little horse!

Star showing off his uphill canter

Start of the stretchy circle

I am going to enter a contest for Horse Illustrated to write a 1500 word horse short story that will be published in the magazine and would win an Amazon gift card. FUN!

There is an Event Derby this weekend, I'm not competing, but I'm going to try to make it out and watch the jumping this afternoon.  Gunnar has been jumping nicely at home, but he still unravels at shows, so we are thinking of trying a dressage show as he has pretty nice flat work as well.
From the event last August

Here are a couple pics from earlier this spring, he was being very bold and a total blast!
Ready for the Eq ring;)

Ready for x-country anyone?
Well that is my random post of the day, I really am trying to get back to regular writing.  Oh one more note: I am finally riding Aero again, pictures soon!