Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trucking along

With Bridger, Aero, and the other half of my liebster response (see first half here)!  Bridger is still doing great, sorry but I'm not sorry about my gushing about him.  I hope the joy I feel while on his ever sensible back never subsides.  Eugene came and watched yesterday and he was as blown away as me.  To give you some perspective: Eugene starts 2 year old thoroughbreds, and daily deals with every age race horse hopped up on grain and fitness...and he thought Bridger was ridiculous, gah!  Now he goes like this:

Such a cutie!
So now it is time for him to put on grown up pants and start going more forward and accepting the bit.  I know I'm a bit all over the place in the video...gotta love wiggly green horse riding.

Aero is nothing short of incredible.  His 'tude is still rearing its ugly head here and there, but over all progress is being made.  You. Should. See. His. Lengthening!  Drool worthy, I'm hoping to have video or pictures soon.

Ok on to the questions asked by Kat at The Sixth Stride (Thank you for the support, so nice to know that people are reading...and enjoying)!
1. Why did you start blogging and who in real life knows?
I wanted to try a new venue for writing, I hope to one day publish a novel and while these posts are based in reality, at some point I hope to share my creative writing and see what response I get.  Several friends know as do my mom and husband (granted I'm not sure he knows what a blog is;)
2. Black or brown tack?
Truly can't decide, apologies.  I have about a 50/50 mix and love it all!
3. Favorite comfort food?
Does coffee count?  I love to hold a warm, strong cup o' joe and sip away.  Probably cheesy pasta, yum!
4. Favorite color?
Pink, nearly any shade.
5. If you could ride any horse living or not who would it be?
Hideaway's Erin Go Bragh.  I love Connemaras!
6. What other pets do you own?
A dog (Charlie) and two cats (Lester and Chloe)
7. What is your hidden 'talent'?
I'm struggling here, not sure that I have any talents that are hidden..hmmm.  Got it!  I rather enjoy public speaking, in fact I was on the debate team in high school and went to state speech.
8. You win the lottery, what would you buy first?
After all the normal bills, etc., I would buy a horse trailer and put a goose-neck hitch in my truck.
9. You can travel anywhere, for any time, with endless money, where is it?
Ireland, where else?
10. You're intimidated by?
Girls that have that 'it' factor and look all put together all the time...I'm talking about the ones that seem more put together than I even seemed at my wedding, I don't get it.
11. Favorite movie?
Horse: Man from Snowy River  Non-horse: Pride and Prejudice

Ok now for my questions to you:
1. Favorite book? Come on guys I need some more summer reading!
2. Last book you read?
3. Best horsey memory?
4. How do you do 'me time?'
5. Favorite horse breed?
6. Has any of your writing ever been published?
7. Favorite music, all time and currently?
8. Dream location for living?
9. Coffee, tea, or...?
10. Favorite piece of tack, or brand of shoes if non-horsey
11. Three main components of the perfect life of your dreams?

My nominations:

Seriously too many to choose from, love them all!


  1. Bridger looks so great Lindsey, way to go!!!

  2. My random summer reading suggestion is 'Swamplandia' :)