Sunday, June 30, 2013

Like a boss

So this isn't going to be long, but I had to share a few pics.  This first one is of Aero and I doing a kick a$$ trot!  I can't stop looking at this picture and thinking that I trained this horse to do this (with a few sporadic lessons a year and half ago).


Love this guy!
Bridger is still great, but he was a bit sore today.  I think his feet are bothering him, he is barefoot and while I don't think he needs shoes at this point I think he is due for a trim.  Mr. husband is going to take a look and do a little work as our farrier is going out of town tomorrow for 10 days.
Loving him

If a horse can master a loud clanging irrigation pipe as a rail they will never be scared of a showjump!
Oh and my friend from fourmaresnomoney rode Aero the other day and they both did great.  It was her first time in a dressage saddle, I do not jest.

On a somewhat depressing note: the forecast call for 109 degrees on Tuesday, oh the horror!