Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Wow, I will have to read Aero all of your sweet comments on my last post, kidding, sort of.  Thanks for all the support! He is still doing super duper:)  So it has been hot here.
I didn't cheat here, this is after driving around and then stopping in the shade.  Ick!

I don't think I mentioned, we won the big Boise Derby last Wednesday, it was awesome.  The crowd was going absolutely wild!  I need to scan our win pictures and then I can put them up here.  We have one in tomorrow and three on the fourth.  I love racing on the 4th of July, there is always a great crowd and the atmosphere is super pumped up.

So I was going through some old photos on an old SD card that had never been edited and found a couple of Rio Listo, my first OTTB.  He was neurotic, but wonderfully bold.
A late evening jump school back in 2009.
 I love a reminder now and then that yes I can in fact jump, the babies are fun, the dressage is fun, but I have really been craving a good gallop over fences recently.
He was gorgeous. 
So I'm just here trying not to melt, hope you all are have stupendous weeks!


  1. Aye 111!!! We got to 107 yesterday and 102 today... Seriously 85 would be awesome!! ;)

  2. I'd totally let you jump Cuna, but yeah... :-/ Maybe this fall or next spring?

    The derby was super fun!

  3. 111 is just ridic. My car said 115 last week but I know that was definitely hotter than it actually was outside.