Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another great weekend

We brought home two wins this weekend!  It was a blast.  One horse affectionately known as Speedy, was just that.  He has had two years off due to plain bad luck, he cut his leg to the bone kicking through the stall wall, then he got strangles.  Finally after 28 months from his last race we led him over for an allowance race.  From the moment he came out of the gates I knew we had it, he toyed with the other horses and as he came into the stretch his ears were perked forward and away he went to win by over 6 lengths.  If a horse is really trying they will typically have their ears back and if they are crazy confident they perk them up.  He ran five furlongs in 57 secs and change, he now has the fastest five furlong time for the meet here at Les Bois!!!  The craziest part is that he can do it in 56 secs if he really boogies, there are few horses that can claim that (there are 8 furlongs in a mile).

On the way up (photo by CLS photography)
Eugene was being super intense, this is one of his favorite horses!
Pulling away (Yes that is him twice in the yellow, cool phone feature)
Fist pump from the Jockey!
The other horse won a stakes race over in Oregon, same one that won in Union.

So I am finally getting my last rides in to earn Mojito's papers.  Yes it has been a long time coming, the previous owner has been as busy as me, but we are both in a better place and I'm excited to help her get riding her mare again!  I trained two horses in exchange for Mojito, and the weather pooped out on us before I had the predetermined number of rides done, luckily she is a great lady and let me take him home:)
This is her, a huge Hanoverian mare

Crazy picture with only her head moving, and some arms.
Yes, I know the pictures and updates of Mojito have been few and far between.  There will be some soon, this is a promise to you and myself, I've got to get him going again!