Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Even more insanity

I'm looking over my shoulder today.  I'm still smiling and all is mostly ok or will be, but omg.  Lets just do a laundry list rundown: Fire, horse falls on friend cracks her pelvis, cowboy gets flipped over on and breaks femur, car window falls off track and then shatters, acquaintance gets kicked in face almost dies (not exaggerating here), help another friend put down very very old dog get home and my very very old cat has died in sleep.  I think that is all.  On the upside?  I am almost ready to move Mojito and Bridger out to the 100 acres of awesomeness, my husband may be home more than he was last winter, car is getting fixed.

Also, Lester and Chloe have discovered the joy of a box.

 That's all for now.


  1. You never do slow down. Hope the 'kicked in face' person is ok. That sounds scary.

    RIP Spot. :(

    1. I don't believe you ever slow down either;)

  2. Sheesh! Hoping things start going better for you and your friends!

  3. Geez! That's a lot... hope things get better. Those pics are funny :-)