Friday, July 12, 2013

Riding with friends

I got a new phone, so pumped!  My old one often refused to make phone calls, find the internet, text...aahhkkk!  I have been checking out all the features and the camera is incredible, I'm talking 13 megapixels of incredible.  Stay tuned for some high tech looking pictures.

I have had the pleasure of riding around with the sprinklerbandit and let me say it is lovely to ride with a friend.  I haven't had the privilege to in quite some time, and while riding is most always a blast it can get a bit lonely by yourself all the time.  She has been rocking it on Gunner and even came with while I rode Aero today.  Some testing of the phone camera went on, it certainly proved itself.  I was going to share some riding time on Aero, but he chose today to act like a stubborn inappropriate word.  Typical horses: you brag, someone comes to watch, horse pulls out the naughty moves.  I finally threw in some moves the cowboy taught me (canter, halt, rollback, canter, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat) and Aero came to attention and gave me this:
Pretty sweet face I'm making ;)
So we gave him a bath and planned for play time in the future when he wants to be my sweet cuddly guy.  BTW he is now for sale as his main owner is wanting to have less horses to feed.  I guess the previous statements might scare someone off, but seriously what horse doesn't have a stubborn day here and there?  He is truly one of my all time favorite horses, tears will be shed when he goes down the road.

On a brighter note, Aero's baby sister Bonnie is a lovely yearling, it will be starting time before we know it!
She is the dark one, its looking like she will be much taller than Aero