Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer adventures

My husband bought a canoe.  No, I am not upset.  In fact I think it will be fun, I'm a big proponent of getting out in 'nature' as a rather cheap form of therapy.  Sunday was his birthday, and we went north to a lake, rented a canoe and paddled up the river.  It was beyond scenic, and bonus: we didn't tip over.
Lewis and Clarke anyone?

So lucky to have this in our 'backyard'
We have had some fair finishes at the races, this guy is in again tomorrow, here's to hoping!
R Seeker and I
It is looking like we will have racers here until the start of August and then the barn will head back to California, yeah for sleeping past 4:45 am, boo for the husband being gone again.

Oh and on a mostly unrelated note:
Made this awhile back and forgot to post it.  This is the sprinklerbandit and I, some OTTB humor:)  The sprinklerbandit and I have been having fun at the track keeping a quota of horse dirt under her nails!