Saturday, July 27, 2013

Soon soon soon

So totally almost done getting everything out of my mom's!  The boys should move tomorrow and I have a home for Suzie the pony.  I have a friend that may buy Diva which would be awesome.  She has just grown way too big for me and I don't have time (or money) for more than two horses.  My friend has ridden many OTTB's and loves a big horse and Diva will be beyond spoiled in a fancy barn.  It is hard to let go, she is so beautiful, but it is the right thing.  I just don't have time for them all, and I much prefer a smaller horse, I'm only 5' 3."  Cool news, I will probably get to show a new horse for Gunner's owners, her name is Gigi.


Like a ballerina
This will be her first show, I love doing the babies and helping them to be successful and confident.

On I final note, it is killing me not to share some news, but I will leave that to the sprinklerbandit;)


  1. You guys look great together! :D News is forthcoming. Have to get my head screwed back on first, haha.

    1. Thanks! Good luck with the head reattachment.

  2. All very exciting! Can't wait for the big news :-)