Saturday, August 3, 2013

I know I know

Blame the lack of posts on fence building and living vicariously through sprinklerbandit's amazingly good times with the world's best and newest OTTB.  Seriously, he is amazing.

Fence building is almost done and as soon as Suzie the pony's new owner picks her up, the boys and Diva are headed out to the 100 acres of awesomeness.  Can't. Wait.

Down the road from the 'acres'
I took a lesson on Gigi at the fancy barn and it was great.  It reaffirmed that the things I work on with her are correct and gave me some new items to work on as well.  The biggest challenge on her is finding 'neutral.'  She likes to fuss and generally act like a redhead;)  When she is right she is so right though, I think the mare will have a nice future in dressage.  The most fun part of riding her is the lateral work, it is very natural for her.
Going sideways

So fancy
Thanks to the sprinklerbandit for playing photographer that day...and this day:
This guy is huge

And so is his trot
This is Winkie and I feel like a shrimp on him.  He is a lovely horse, but on the rude side so we are working on that until his regular rider heals up from a cracked pelvis.

I was trying to sell Diva to a friend of mine that is sort-of in need of a horse, and after being nothing but sound for the last year, she chose to be sore that day 0_o   Nothing too serious, but visibly lame on her front feet.  I picked them out and they were rock hard and overly dry from the 100+ degree heat we have had so I oiled them heavily for two days and then yesterday when my farrier came to do Mojito I had him look at them.  I thought the frogs needed cleaned up as they seemed a mess and he agreed.  So he cleaned them up and showed me the bruising she had underneath.  She already looks better, thank goodness for nothing more serious.  If my friend does not end up wanting her she is going on dreamhorse, I just don't have time...and some hay money would be nice.
Love this horse.
Did you check out the new header for the!  Also, welcome new fun to get more followers!


  1. Header's great. So interested in seeing the rest of SB's journey with her new horse.

    1. Thanks! Me too, I think they will have loads of fun

  2. Love the header. :) We need to get more pics of your boys (and ride them!) soon.

  3. Fancy barn lesson looks great!

  4. Oh dear -- did Winky's regular rider crack her pelvis falling from him? She's so tiny and fragile! I hope she heals quickly!

    1. She was actually leading a mare and another one scared it and the mare fell on her:(