Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Finally got the horses moved!  It was uneventful and they seem to love the new place!
First sunrise

Love Bridger's tail here, swish
Aero is doing great, his stubborn streak is subsiding, thank goodness.  There is still some resistance in his body at times so we are going to have some body work done to really get him up to snuff.  The vet was out yesterday to brand Aero's little sister and while he was there we did flexions on Aero and video'd it to send to potential buyers.  He was totally sound, sweet!

Complete with cheesy hearts

Seriously love this guy!

On the Diva front, her feet are great...but now she has cut herself and is sore on that.  OMG, seriously!
 I would say maybe she doesn't want sold, but I can't keep feeding so many horses:/

The races finished up; bittersweet.  So nice to have some time to myself, but husband has already left for another track with a few horses.  I would like some time for just the two of us...but this love affair with horses makes that difficult.  I don't think I would change anything, something about already having cake and eating it, asking for fresh strawberries on top may be a little much.