Friday, August 16, 2013

More fire

No where near my horses this time, but many of my friends are nearing evacuation over near Sun Valley where the worst fire in the nation is burning, the national guard has been called in.  Facebook is filled with images that make the fire here a few weeks ago look like child's play.
Rain, snow?

photo by: Nadia Novik  more pictures here.
Really no words for this.

Risking sounding callus here, I worked on my tack-room last night!  I didn't ride because no one was around and I would rather not get on a young horse in a new place 13 miles from town with no one to handle a phone;)
And I cleaned tack

Impromptu saddle rack, real ones are tomorrow's project

Random carving I have yet to move out...maybe he should stay?

Great evening light
Sunflowers are always cheery