Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ride tonight?

So I'm getting ready to head out for my rounds of evening chores and I'm thinking if all seems quiet Bridger and I will go for a romp (probably not a good choice of words here) around the new place.  Grinning.  They all seem so calm and settled, why not?
'Come on Diva you have more, share with me'
 Also, it is so smokey right now...bleck, meaning any shenanigans should be short lived due to lack of oxygen in our lungs.
There are supposed to be hills there.
I jumped Gunner yesterday, there were good ones and bad ones.  Typical Gunner ride.  When he is good he feels like the best Training level horse ever, when he is bad we stop 30 ft away from the fences and throw a fit, doh.

I love that I'm not jumping ahead here, but wtf is up with my back?  Defensive riding at its best/worst.
And then this
Bam goes the tail.
I think part of our issue yesterday is that he is behind on his adequan his owner was off to the vet to get some substitute for it since adequan is still missing on the market.

Check out this blog:  She always has great posts about things like food, makeup, decor girly fix.  I'm in love with these songs too!

Ok off to have an adventure...wish me luck:)