Saturday, August 24, 2013


I have to thank you all for the sweet comments, they really reflect my own thoughts on the situation.  A day later and I feel much less emotional, but hold strong to my flat work for now stand.  Kitty Kat said it well, 'some horses jump as a hobby, not a job.'  I think that explains Gunner well.  A fun few jumps now and then yes, jumping with the pressure of a goal?  No.

Needing more smiles like this
I'm am excited to say that someone is coming today to look at Aero, keep the good thoughts coming in:)

Totally random here, I started and showed a 4 year old last year that ended up getting sold to a fancy barn in southern California and my mom just found some pictures she got at our last show together.  He was a total joy to ride.
So fancy

Young horse wiggles

He was always balanced 

Intense moment

Such a pretty horse

Short post today, enjoy your weekend!


  1. That is a pretty boy, nice, refined head.Good luck with Aero :)

    1. If the term princess could be applied to a gelding, it would fit Tino.

  2. Cute bay! Glad you guys had a fun ride at the eventing trainers! Pong and I havent jumped since May. I could tell mentally the foot & hock pain had gotten under his skin and some unsavory new habits cropped up like bracing, bolting and stopping. We've been flatting ever since getting him back to his happy place and it's like I have a totally different horse. We're all smiles again! Maybe someday we'll jump...maybe not...for now we're right there with ya on the flat :)