Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drum-roll Please

I rode Mojito and Diva!!!!!

Side note here, Nicku is running a contest about favorite things under 50$, check it out and congratulate her on 150 readers!  One of my faves for fifty is http://www.doversaddlery.com/woof-all-purpose-boot/p/X1-04348/  they are great for everyday schooling and in the land of fox tails, cheet grass, and general brambly things polos and fuzzy boots are quickly destroyed.

Ok back to the news.  I arrived, other human beings were present (working on the under construction house), and horses were calm.  So I fed grain and did a bit more tackroom work.  This involved getting saddle racks up, adding more clean pads to the 'clean pad rack,' adding more girth hooks, and hanging up more misc tack.  Then I assessed my lack of tacking up area and proceeded to create a semi circle with the back of my car, a wheelbarrow and a folding saddle rack.  I filled the area with brush buckets and tack and went to get Diva.  She was super chill and stood practically ground tied while I did some quick grooming and tacking up.  *swooning* over my  OTTB.   Then we wandered to an open area with mounting block in hand and got on.  That's it.  I just got on and and went for a ride up and down the pasture fence line, mostly for the boys sake here, she wasn't really caring about them.
Bridger pretending he can't see Diva being awesome
Wide open spaces
Love her!
It. Was. Awesome.

Then I got out Mojito, he was the calmest of the three for the in hand walk around.  So then I tacked him up, probably should have put him away after grooming.  He was impatient and wouldn't stand still, then I got on and he was pissy.  I know he still needs is teeth done, but he had on Diva's happy mouth bit and I had no rein contact.  He didn't care, he said I will walk back to my friends and then I will not move and I will threaten to rear and generally be annoying.  So I finally got him moving, stopped, got off and then worked him from the ground, stinker.
Before the ride

After getting on
Straight ahead to fit land
From the mouth of Diva, "Still think I'm getting sold boys?  You better shape up, gauntlet thrown."