Sunday, September 1, 2013

Contest Central

As my first full year truly blogging I am blown away by the number of contests recently.  Maybe the late days of summer are annual contest time or maybe it just happened this year, but either way I'm getting my entries in and you should too!

Equestrian at Hart is having a sore no more contest.  I love the regular SNM, but have never tried the other products which are up for grabs.  Between a barn full of racehorses and baby event horses I'm all about trying new products.
A big win from this summer.
Hard working jump

Hard working trot
The next contest I'm ubber excited about is over at She moved to Texas and it is for a leather halter, no kidding!  I love leather halters!  I used to get a new one with each new horse, but the world of being a grown up with bills and such has prevented that occurring for all three of my guys right now.  The three young horses at once instead of one may also be contributing to the lack of leather halter fund.
'we need a halter' 
Diva is wishing I would class her pictures up with a leather halter instead this faded nylon one
Slow on new horse picture this weekend as it is a two wedding weekend, I've got to get girly and such!