Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prepping for the Clinic

So I'm going through the last week and writing posts. This one encompasses the day diva and her buddy c-rage jumped jumps in the fields.  She was lovely.  We cantered all around the bigger field with a 'hill' and she had no qualms about the footing or terrain.  Then I added in some poles and then some jumps.  It was all very chill and the biggest thing we need to work on is her hind legs not wiping the jump out.  This will be solved by pushing her to canter on landing so that she starts to jump with more impulsion.

As my mom said, 'Divas.'

rocking the cross rail
Video of our course:

When the excitement was over we hacked around and I love the pictures!
OTTB's on the buckle

still on the buckle
Later that day I went and rode a client's horse.  She is a massive Hanoverian and we had to go up to the outdoor as the indoor was being worked up.  She isn't really one for change, but she held it together and we got some great work as evidenced by mom.
Love the view
Incase you were thinking that life was going by uneventfully, no worries.  Diva decided to mix it up, literally.  Friday, the day after our jumps in the field and the day before the baby xc clinic in the next town over she got bored in her turnout and decided to join c-rage.  How?  By jumping the wood fence.  She didn't take the fence out, but she did scrape up her stifles and legs, dufus.  She isn't lame and we continued on with the planned weekend....Horses.


  1. He missed her at grid night. None of the other horses are as beautiful as she is, apparently. ;)

    1. He must have a thing for anorexic model types;)

  2. Looking great!!

    Ummm she jumped the fence... dang girl!

    1. dang girl is for getting her to do it under saddle!

  3. Hue has jumped out of his field before. Doesn't like being left behind.

    Maybe I missed this - newish reader... But are you a trainer? I hear mention of clients here and there so I got curious?

    Hope diva heals quickly!

    1. She is already about healed up, yeah! Yes I train, mostly greenies or problem horses, it pays the bills:) When I finish school then the plan is to get a 'real' job and hopefully be able to afford to do more with my own horses:)