Thursday, July 24, 2014

All the pictures!

I love everybody's topical posts.  They are interesting and cohesive and feel like they have a point.  I keep meaning to do one or some, but I get distracted by this:
Channeling his inner unicorn

Can't say no to this
So there you have it, my myopic world view.  Really, it isn't, I had the best ride ever on Diva the other day, I could practically feel the butt and neck muscles developing while I rode her!
We also enjoyed some clouds and cooler temps!
I've also ridden Bridger and he was passable, which is actually really good considering how long it had been since I swung a leg over his back.
More pretty clouds!
We have also had some great nights at the races with wins, seconds, and thirds!  I need to scan win pictures so I can share them with y'all.

And here I come full circle back to P-diddy and his OTTB adventures.  After his epic jumping on Sunday he got Monday and Tuesday off.  Then Wednesday the my friend who owns the 100 acres came with to meet Prisoner and ride him.  It was a fun day at the barn as Sprinklerbandit and Alyssa were there as well.  Prisoner was a bit more tense than other rides, but was still ridable and relaxed pretty quickly.
A quiet moment

His first time trotting through multiple poles

All the beautiful brass

He says hard work is hard

Oh babies

Loving the pastel hues in the whole picture
Then my friend got on and I was so impressed.  They got along great and even had some nice trot work!

I was planning on giving him another day off today, but then the urge to dress him up (in a dressage saddle no less) took over and we had a mostly walking and some trotting ride.  I am really working to supple his body so he can continue to improve his self carriage.
Great angle, so spoiled by Alyssa and her camera!

Yes, I am grinning

Look at him not me

Again, what a trot!  Again, wtf am I doing?

Love this, he is going to be so fancy!

Hello engaged hind end!

I'm in love

Yes, I put in a french braid, because why not!?

And he snuggles, winning!
There you have it, another progress report with epic pictures thanks to Alyssa!  Maybe a topical post will happen later, something along the lines of: 'WTF arms and legs, the story of how I fixed my new and comical position errors.'


  1. What a fancy fella!
    ♡ him & all the photos. You guys are killing it ☺

  2. Oh man what an awesome set if pictures!!

    Everyone is looking fab!!

    1. I don't know what I will do if I ever move away from my fab picture taking friends!

  3. I think I might start a Prisoner Fan Club Blog..... or maybe just an Instagram account.

  4. He is so fancy!

  5. Peezoner is just so dang cute. Too much damn cute going on out at that barn!

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