Friday, July 18, 2014


First things first.  I rode Diva finally and she was back to her awesome self (she hasn't even been on regumate)!
Hacking on the buckle

She approves of the new helmet
She remembered all the things and threw no fits.  She even remembered her ground tying skillz and got a bath at the end.  Everyday while it as been 100,000,000 degrees (actual temp), I have been grooming her and fly spraying her and oiling her hooves, I think the bonding time has been good for her brain.  In case you are wondering what the temperature was when I finally decided to ride her...100  with a strong wind.  Felt nice.  FU summer and your mind warping capabilities.

Now you are probably wondering if Prisoner is still amazing.  If you have been on Instagram you know that he has indeed.
Third day of jumping, 5th ride off the track
This horse is freaking phenomenal.  I showed this picture to a friend who is super blunt and her response was, 'It's about time you had something with talent!'
His fourth ride
Hell yes, all the trot
He starts out with about one lap of speed walk and then chills (all of that with loose reins).  Then I work on bending through his body and when he feels pretty good I pick up the trot.  Again this starts out with a little tension, but I keep calmly asking him to go correctly and in less than ten minutes I have a fancy horse.  The first few strides of canter he wants to lean on me so I float the reins and he starts to carry himself in a cute slow balanced canter.  After that we can go forward and come back like rock-stars.  At the end of the ride I have been going over a few cross-rails so he can think about the idea of it all.
He is also master of bath time
I am working hard to not push too much and let him keep decompressing from the track.  Seriously though, I think this guy is going places.
Now for lots of pictures from Alyssa with her fancy camera.

Hello beautiful black and brass tack combo

Like no big deal

A wide cross rail, pretending it is a first oxer

Love him

Leading the way through the pasture


  1. Just the cutest little guy. And wicked smart and fancy!

  2. I spy SB & the gorgeous C - rage photobombing!
    P-dizzle is killing it post track - what a rock star & Miss Diva is such a ham for the camera. Love when fly spray & spa days = more horsey time and more imp - happy horsey time!

  3. What a talented boy you have there. I am green with envy myself! I might just have to have you and sprinklerbandit keep an eye out at the track for my next project. Montana isn't all that far away...

  4. Yay happiness!!!! Love it all!!!

  5. I just absolutely adore Prisoner!

  6. He is SO cute. Wish I had ten just like him!

  7. I always want to move down south, until people start posting about the summer there, then I change my mind. Prisoner looks good!

  8. Talented - yes!! Glad Diva is doing better too :)

  9. Wow, he is progressing so quickly!! And being that handsome doesn't really hurt either

  10. He's the cutest! Looks like such a good boy :)

  11. He is awesome!! Love that you guys are together.