Monday, November 10, 2014

Me and my radio silence

No good reason.  I'm blaming wonky internet and lack of creativity.  It has been lots of the same with Mr. Prisoner.  Transitions, balance, rhythm, blah blah blah.

All the teal
 It is paying off though as he is getting more and more relaxed about the jumps.
Totally chill
His tendency for rushing is something I wanted to deal with sooner than later so that is doesn't bite us in the a$$ when the jumps get bigger and combinations more difficult.  It is working out and that makes me super happy.  He is also really starting to understand trot and canter poles.  Turns out he thinks they are more difficult than actual jumps, I tend to agree.
All the poles

Prisoner has a case of the chubbs
I've got to head of to work so I will leave you with a sneak peak for tomorrow...
Cross country!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oooo cross country! I never get tired of Prisoner pictures.

  2. soooo excited!! he's looking so good - wise of you to focus on building a strong foundation now too :)

  3. P-diddy is totally adorable...even if he does have a case of the chubs :)

    1. Chubs = more adorable...if only I thought that about myself;)

  4. Both he and papa are looking rotund. Sort of wondering if they'll need a diet come spring. Who ever heard of that??

  5. I think he looks pretty dang cute chubby :)

  6. I love the chub look on him! That last pic is gorgeous!

  7. He is so dark in the XC photo *swoon*

  8. What a freakin photogenic horse! I could look at pictures of him all day. And he looks best in his XC gear...just sayin'...haha.