Thursday, October 30, 2014


After the last two photo heavy posts I don't have too much to share with you.  Prisoner has been doing poles and flatwork and generally been adorable.
stinkin' cute

Covering that ground
Be looking for a review of those cute white front boots that he is rocking!  I won them from Majyk Equipe.
Gigi is as good as sold these days and will be soon heading to her new home.  I will miss the beautiful red mare, but she adores her new person so it's all good.
So shiney!
I clipped Prisoner (sprinklerbandit cleaned it all up so he looks perfect)!  I left hearts all over his behind for our scary jump night costume.
No drugs!
He was very good, got a bit antsy here and there, but over all a gem.  He had more hair than most of the other horses at the barn and I could have used some bigger clippers, silly OTTB.  I will get some pictures of his clip job today!  We went as Cupid and her 'Prisoner of love' for scary jump night.  I make a bow with a stick and twine and taped a heart to the end of one of the Hubby's arrows, wore all the pink and called it good.  We had a blast or at least I did.  P-diddy was a bit unsure of the insanity and got a little light on the front end, but really if that is the worst he is gonna be I can't complain.  Yay for teddy bear fits!
Kisses down his face

Jumping with my trusty bow and arrow tied to my back!
Ok well hopefully there will be more pictures and such for tomorrow and something interesting to talk about!


  1. prisoner looks so cute in pink! definitely interested in hearing more about the ME boots too

  2. You guys get up to the coolest things. Sounds like a great excuse to deck you both out in pink again ;-)
    I saw on insta that Gig i had found a new person, I hope the partnership blossoms and that she might continue to make the odd appearance in your or SB's blog or better yet maybe her new person could be convinced to join the blogosphere so we can have another superb person to stalk *ahem* i mean follow *cough-cough* and admire stunning photos!

  3. Aww I just love the bow and arrow accent!