Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Princess

Love my sweet girl
Is for sale.  I'm shocked to be uttering those words, but the budget demands it.  I've been in a bit of a funk all day after posting the ad, but she is a great horse and I think finding her a great home will not be that difficult.
She even wins prizes with faces like this
 She can cruise around a 2'6"/2'9" course easily and as she gets a stronger hind end I'm sure she will soar over much more.
Fun with colors
I adore her on trails, which is saying something since I'm a trail whimp.
Ribbon not for kicking, just for looking cute
Last year all my hopes and dreams were tied up with this mare and this year they have moved to Prisoner.  That said she is still a dream to ride and a really good friend.  Like, I would sit in a stall and read a book with Diva.  She has soaked up my tears when life has been hard and is always there with a sweet look on her face.
Look of eagles
So if you know anyone looking for a very special mare send them my way.
Will miss my quiet moments with her


  1. Hard decisions. Being a gown up sucks sometimes, but I'm sure she'll find a completely awesome home where she'll be spoiled to pieces. :-)

  2. I'm sure she'll find a great home!

  3. Such a pretty girl! She will find a good spot to continue being fun for someone :)

  4. She's a good horse I'm sure she'll fond a great new home. Sometimes that's the best option, even when its hard on us.

  5. You always tempt me! She sounds wonderful :)

  6. Aw, how tough! I'm sure she'll find a fabulous new home where she'll be pampered within an inch of her life...

  7. I'm sure you'll find a perfect home for Ms. Diva :)

  8. i wish it were possible to keep all the ponies at home for ever and ever. sorry you have to sell, but she's certain to find a happy home given all your excellent work. good luck Diva!!

  9. If only I lived in Idaho! I love Diva and REALLY love Bridger! I'm a few months away from being able to seriously consider a new pony, but that little grey has my heart!

  10. She's such a gorgeous girl- I'm sure she'll find an awesome home! I wish we could have ALL the horses!

  11. Her next owner is going to be one lucky sod, she is a beauty and you have done such great work with her.
    Adulthood is hard, I really don't know why I was in such a rush to grow up. Oh to have a do - over with current knowledge!