Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fun Week

This week was a blast horse wise.  I took Diva to grid night on Wednesday and she only knocked down one rail the entire time!  This is a huge deal for her, her old MO was to play pick up sticks with the jump poles and her long long legs.
Getting ready to have fun

Yep, all the fun!

Going for a canter

Soggy arena
I have been doing lots of work on strengthening Diva's hind end and it seems to be paying off.
Don't know what I'm doing, but she looks cute despite

So happy and willing

Love her
 She was spot on the whole time, standing around on the buckle, not blinking an eye at the several insane horses careening around, picking her feet up down the grid.  I was very pleased.

After the small group finished the bigger group started (hmm that is rather obvious), a friend told me to stick around so I could hop on her horse when the jumps got higher than she wanted to ride over.  I rode this horse for the first time about a month ago at a show.  He had already gone around the 2'9" and gamblers's choice (2'9"/3') with my friend and then she handed me the reins.  I literally trotted a circle and went in the ring and jumped a clear 3' round.  Then we waited around and I also rode a clear 3'3" round (both had jump offs as well).  It was a total blast!  We took home a 5th in the 3' and a 2nd in the 3'3" only beaten by our trainer!

Well when the grid got to about 3'3" I climbed aboard.  I trotted and cantered a little bit and headed down the line.  Louie was perfect, he is such an honest horse.  Well the jumps kept going up until we reached 4' (yes you read that right four freaking feet)!  The biggest jump I've ever done!
4'  Yahoo!




What fun, I'm so thankful for generous friends that share awesome horses!  The next day I did a lesson on Prisoner, but I will leave that for the next post.
Squee! Love his face!
Thank you to Alyssa for all the awesome pictures!!!


  1. That's awesome! Diva looks great and Louie sounds like a super cool horse :)

  2. Congrats on 4', Diva is a doll. ♡ everything in this post. Such positivity & improvement and gorgeous pony pictures. The colours in that last one of P-shizzle are stunning.

  3. Sounds like a crazy fun day! And that is quite impressive jumping on a horse you don't know all that well and jumping higher than you ever have before.

  4. Go girl!! Sounds like an awesome time and daaaaaang big jumps!!! :)

  5. You guys are flying - looks like fun :)