Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guest Post but not really

So I wrote this for Aimee's blog, but mobile blogger hates us so no luck.  So here you have a non guest guest post.
The Sprinklerbandit is suddenly out of town for work and it is leaving a hole in  the blog world.  She said I could write a guest post and so I am.  A quick messenger discussion showed that neither of us had any ground breaking ideas and she jokingly said I should write fuzzy thoughts about OTTBs and how much she loves Papa (Courage).  Jokes aside, OTTB love is something I can talk about ad nauseam (yes spell check that is a word).

Sunsets and OTTB love (also bridle love)
Growing up in a mainly dressage barn there just weren't all that many OTTBs around.  It wasn't that no one liked them, the barn was just full of warmbloods.  I always thought they must be crazy and as a timid kid never thought of them as the horse for me.  Then I caught the eventing bug and roared around novice on my pony, suddenly going fast seemed like a great idea.  Fast forward a few years and I rode a fiery red TB (no clue if she had been at the track) when I was back east and completed my first two Training level events.  Guess what, half halting instead of kicking incessantly was down right dreamy.
Different fiery red filly
When I came home after 8 months away I immediately went to the track and bought my first OTTB for a whopping $500.00.  He was calm when I needed him to be and bold and aggressive when I needed him to be.  Eventually his crazy took over, but that was just him and not indicative of most OTTBs.  Even when he was crazy I felt no fear on his back, I could have aimed him at a car and we would have cleared it, no doubt.  I guess that is where I found my love for OTTBs, they are sensitive, bold, and tend to please.  I've ridden warmbloods and while they are nice, they are too independent (for me).  I've been around many that were down right jerks.  I'm not hating on warmbloods, I'm just saying that for me OTTBs make sense.  They are bold, but want your support, and they are happy to work.  Talk about a breed with a bred in work ethic.  From their time at the track thoroughbreds are used to humans being their social group, they look to you for company.  I absolutely adore that.  If you just take a few extra moments to understand them they will literally try their hearts out for you.
I might be a little crazy too, maybe
I am an OTTB lover for life.
I love them on the track.
I love them off the track.
I love them on the trail and on the rail.
In trailers, crossties, pastures, and shows.
I will ride them in the dark or in a park.
I love them in dressage, some can even passage.
They listen to your heart of hearts.
Soak up your tears,
Or break fast from the start.
I love their fire, gusto, and zing.
More often than not,
They fill my mental wanderings.
They may not be your cup of tea.
But try one out,
Wait and see.
I love those stretches between the jumps.
They open up with nary a pump.
Sitting on their mighty back,
You join a legend,
A story of yore.
From the sport of kings.
To dreaming dreams.
Let a thoroughbred lend you its wings.

Um yeah, that is a poem, just sort of happened.  Well I guess that fits the bill for a hearts and flowers OTTB love post, I better let that wrap it up before it gets more embarrassing.


  1. Love the hearts & flowers non-guest blog post. Such a fun poem ☺

  2. That poem is very Dr. Seuss :) Great post!

  3. Heart OTTBs forever! Great post :)

  4. i love the maturity of OTTBs - they've been around and seen so much so early in life that they are constantly surprising me with how quickly they adapt. just very very cool horses :)

  5. I'm with you 100%. Thoroughbreds are the only horse for me. I may ride other breeds, but my heart is always with the Thoroughbreds. I may just have to have a glass of wine and pen my own ode to the TB, now ;)