Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Autumn Sunsets

All a y'all know I'm obsessed with sunsets (and sunrises).  Most of all sunsets in the fall.  Over at the 100 acres sunsets reign supreme.
Be still my heart
I'm not usually at the barn where Prisoner lives at dusk, but last week we had a girls night photoshoot.  It was loads of fun and even involved the unsafe practice of riding bareback sans helmet...#gottalivealittle.
Rolly poly pony boy
He was actually pretty comfy for a thoroughbred.  In fact I think that some bareback rides with a helmet are in order for some real OTTB shenanigans.
He was ready to be done at this point
Ellie Cook was photographer (Alyssa also took some) and edited the heck out of them.  Like we were pretty much out of light and she made them downright glow, kudos!
The darkest of them and still awesome
At one point P-diddy was all, 'what is this nonsense?' and started rapidly backing up, Alyssa jumped in and led him around for a second.  He totally chilled out, racehorses are very comfortable being led around while ridden as it happens everyday at the track.
One of my favorites
As long as we walked around he was fine, standing still was the real challenge.  I was so impressed with him though, as we were in a totally new part of the property for him.  Not one spook, thank you track style desensitization.
Dreaming of the future
The gnats were also out in full force so the usual standing next to him and snuggling was out as he kept getting me with his slinging head.
Awkward pose is awkward
Seriously he could not keep still.
Who is crazier?  (all those white specks are bugs)
I do love me some hunky OTTB body though.
Um hello event horse
Lets just say he really feels like mine now that we have awesome 'a girl and her horse' photos.  He is even starting to shed some of his shell and enjoy loves.  The last two days when I've ridden him there has been a certain friendship vibe.  That silent communication while I tack him up, the same page during the ride, lingering when I turn him out.  His sheer talent has been thrilling, but the relationship is starting to materialize.
My other favorite
My blaze face dapple bay boy with the moostache.  Those things that have been the mist of dreams are starting to condense and become visible.  It almost scares me, the passion I feel.  I've had dreams with other horses and they crumbled, I am dredging up the courage to keep looking towards the future.  In a life that is often difficult (by first world standards) this horse is a beacon illuminating the steps I take.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I'm so happy for you. I hope you continue to have a dream ride with Prisoner.

  2. There is nothing better than legit "girl and her horse" photos.

  3. Love that you dream and feel so passionate. I am the same way. Pics are awesome. Love his white!!

  4. Aww I love all of them! But I have to say the 2nd to last is my favorite!

  5. That last photo, that last paragraph ... love! :)

  6. That last paragraph gave me goosebumps of the good kind. Beautifully written. Beautiful pics!

  7. Great pictures! Fun photo shoot!

  8. Keep looking forward! Those photos are gorgeous!

  9. beautiful photos! so excited by all your energy and passion for this horse - can't wait to see what happens!

  10. Stunning photos!
    I need photog friends like you have ♡♡♡♡ ☺