Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3 Months

Yep, P-diddy has been off the track for an official 3 months.  I can't believe it has only been that long, he has become such an integral part of my life.  I adore him, teddy bear fits and all.
Chillaxin in the field.
Last week I took a lesson and it was great.  We finished with a 3' one stride one stride and some bounces.  We worked on me leaving him alone, letting him figure things out so I don't make him dependent on me.  A forward canter into the one strides, then after the last jump I had to drop my stirrups and come back to the walk and then pick up my stirrups and the canter and make the turn to the bounces.  No media proof of the lesson.
So we will use pictures from yesterday

Right now I need to focus on flatwork and footwork with him.  I want to keep refining his athleticism.  He is bold, but needs to still listen to what I'm saying.
Doesn't mind strange jumps

Bam, knees!
Hmm, oxers at an angle, ready for corners?

Seems that barrels no longer demand tight knees

Guileless blue skies of fall
I posted some transformation shots a couple weeks ago on instagram (@redheadlins).
July 4th at the track, sexy boy
September 12th, already growing his winter coat
I was blown away when I saw these two pictures together.  Someone is getting his sporthorse curves in a hurry, but we will have to wait until sultry days with a summer coat next year for curves and those incredible dapples.


  1. He is just lovely! Happy for you!

  2. You know, I think he is just as much in love with you as you are with him. He looks happy and content.

  3. He has made incredible progress in 3 months. Nice work!

  4. He's just so handsome!! Love that in the bottom pictures he's got the exact same expression going :)

  5. wow just 3 months?? amazing. i like the lesson focus of leaving him alone and allowing him to make decisions. that's been a real struggle for me (i am a very guilty micro-manager) but i definitely see the value. anyways, awesome transformation!

  6. It really is amazing how far he has come in 3 months!! You two seem like a really great pair. It is a shame he hates jumping so much.

  7. You guys have accomplished so much, he looks amazing! ☺