Friday, October 3, 2014

That moment

I saw this quote and it just resonated.

Because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted~Marilyn Monroe

Life is great, but also difficult.  I'm traipsing around the noman's land between training horses and getting a legit job in the medical community.  It is really a #firstworldproblem rant here.  I am thrilled at the prospect of a regular check, you know like I could put my bills on autopay like a grownup 'cause I will know when my checks are coming.  It is also really freaking scary, I will be the newby, I won't be a big fish in a small pond.  I look forward to the challenge and also fear failure.  I have this college degree that is pretty much useless without another one, to get another one I need hours working in a hospital.  For good hours in a hospital I need some sort of tech certification.  I need to make money, but apparently to make money you have to spend money.  Gah, rant over.

Prisoner still lights up my day and my night.  Seriously can you wear your phone out looking at pictures?

Just keep tossing your heart
This horse is what my dreams were made of, I just didn't know.
Because this
Sorry to get all mushy on you, that is what happens when I blog late at night.

Did you catch the awesome jump before the jump?
Yes, this is from two strides away
Gotta love babies.
P-diddy masters the selfie
And yes, I am wearing pearls and a Charles Owen.


  1. Boooo adult problems!!! Here's to you finding something perfect :)

  2. Reality has a wondedul way of pausing whilst in the saddle :) prisoner has taken you captive instead!

  3. Adult problems are hard! I've spent the last three weekends traipsing around furniture stores crying inside as i price things life beds and a sofa for when I get the keys to my place next March.
    I miss my girls something awful, visiting them in the field while fun for them as they're not working is slightly underwhelming for me considering livery prices increase next month.

    Adulthood should come with a massive health warning

    1. Seriously it should! Furniture prices are scary!

  4. wow - P-Diddy wants to JUMP!! glad you're having so much fun with him! and wishing you the best of luck breaking into your field. it really can feel like a catch-22 sometimes...but once you're in you're in.

  5. Go P!!! He looks great. Adult decisions are annoying. I really think we should just be able to ride horses and eat good food.

  6. Wouldn't it just be awesome if money grew on trees and we could just grab fistfuls as we ride by?

  7. Best of luck getting into the new job! It's scary, but I always say "fake it until you make it". No one else needs to know you are worried :) You'll do great!

  8. Good luck with the job situation!