Monday, October 6, 2014

2pointober is on!

Shoutout to L.Williams for hitting the magical 1000 posts on her blog!
When I mentioned to the hubby that it was Twopointober again he says without missing a beat, "Are you going to beat 31 minutes?"  *Swoon*  How does he remember random stuff like that!?  I have my baseline time, I ground it out for 15 minutes and 21 seconds.
Thumbs up!
I also took a totally awkward selfie as challenged by Sarah over at Eventing in Color, while in minute 13.
Yup, awkward
Well, I suspected that Amanda would be serious competitor...she blasted my time out of the water.  Prepare for a month of insanity!  Maybe this will help me get toned up for Thanksgiving in L.A.

Also a sneak peak for you from jumping yesterday:
All the cutes
Yes that is a heart on his butt.  He is as fuzzy as pony so we took liberties before he gets a clip job.
Look at the heart, not that release

Thanks Alyssa for awesome pictures!


  1. wooo awesome baseline! will be very curious to see where you ladies all end up by oct 31!!

    1. I will be interested to see if I can actually beat my time from last year.

  2. You all can work it for longest time, I'm just gonna sit back and watch that! But I am gunning for most improved.... so we'll see.

  3. I kinda feel like I want to retire at 24 minutes LOL. I've had just about enough already.

  4. Loving the selfie action :)

  5. Bahahahaha! Challenge accepted and completed! you get 5 gold stars. ;] Loving the pink bonnet on Prisoner.