Wednesday, October 1, 2014

That time of year!

What what, the leaves are changing, the temps are dropping, the horses are growing entirely too much hair and today is October first.  Wait, scratch that, it is the first day of 2pointober!  Those of you new to the blog might have been wondering about the fun badge on the right side with the time 31:03?  Yup, that is last years winning time, I thought I would sit this year out...but then I saw the sweet loot on Viva Carlos and Equestrian at Hart.  So, yeah, I'm throwing my hat in the ring.  Don't have my initial time yet, but I will have it before the October 6th deadline.
A 21 minute practice run on Diva last fall

My winning 31 minute ride on Bridger
Let the craziness commence!!!!!


  1. We should have a challenge-within-a-challenge of taking selfies WHILE 2-pointing. The looks on our faces will be priceless! Especially yours on minute 29 or so...

  2. Why would you ever sit out, 2pointdomination (also you are awesome for coming up with 2pointober as a name!)

    1. No clue seemed like the thing to do...then I was like who am I kidding, way too competitive over here! Yay 2pointober!

  3. awesome - your times are unreal, and it is very sweet loot indeed. pretty much nobody loses with 2pointober so let the games begin!

  4. IT'S ON. I plan to at the very least close the gap between us this year!! 30 mins... I can do this... Must beat Lindsey...

  5. Last October and November I was recovering from knee surgery so had to sit all of these out. This year I am super excited to be able to participate!

  6. Your numbers are ridiculous--in a 'I'm so jealous, please make my legs stronger" way! Best of luck on defending your win :)