Friday, September 26, 2014

Raising the jumps

I went to 'jump night' on Wednesday with Prisoner.  It is at Steph's and is usually a grid.  With a totally laid back atmosphere (not a lesson) it is such a fun way to go on affordable field trips.  The grid was set as a one stride, one stride, two stride, one stride on a very open stride.  We worked on me allowing him to really cover the ground and then right away settling back to me after the grid.
Love his knees and ears in this

and this

Nice quiet jump over the last
It started as just cross rails and then bumped up to verticals.  The fourth jump was tallest and we finished with it set as an three feet tall!!!!

Up up and away
P-diddy is all, no big deal guys
 He was perfect, it didn't even feel like a challenge for him!  In all reality I could get him around a three foot course, but his little brain has no need for that.  We will keep working on straightness, rhythm, and pace over smaller jumps so that when he is ready we can really soar.


  1. Eeek! He has turned into such a lil superstar!!

  2. man he just ate that up! way to go Prisoner!

  3. He looks great! Love how you are bringing him along at his own pace even though he is showing so much talent.

  4. What Alli said! I can't believe he's only been off the track for such a short amount of time o.O

  5. You two are awesome! I'm so glad you ended up with him.

  6. You two are awesome! I'm so glad you ended up with him.

  7. Wow he looks great! I wish my much more broke horse was that good at grids ;)

  8. He is moving along SO fast! Such a great boy :)