Thursday, September 4, 2014

Random Week Recap

Sorry about the week long blogging break, it was a week of craziness.  Craziness in my own life and my internet-stalking-omg-allthingsweg-goeventing life.  Prisoner is still the best, as is Diva, and Bridger is even working on joining the ranks of being awesome.

The end of last week I set up a hunter type course to play with.  I wanted to ride some nice relaxed flowing courses, P-diddy on the other hand was all, rah rah jump all the things go fast faster fastest.  After some halts and reinbacks mid course a few times he got the point and the last time through kept his twinkle toes going slow.
Not exactly the relaxed hunter feel I was going for
A little better
Then the next day our friend M came to play and rode Courage and Prisoner.  She is super brave and awesome.
Before we swapped, I took over the camera and M moved to P-diddy and Sprinklerbandit moved to C-rage
Yep, that is me with a non-stop grin again
She had a big grin too!
Over the weekend my mom got to town and has been playing with her new wide angle lens, can't wait for those photos!  Prisoner was working on growing right out of his shoes, after only 4.5 weeks, so yesterday the farrier came out.  He was blown away, said that was the most one month hoof growth he had ever seen. I am typically an 8 week farrier person as I don't like to fill their hooves with holes, but we almost trimmed all his holes off...never seen a TB with hooves like this.
One month of growth
Monday was Alyssa's wedding and it was beautiful!  Also, exhausting, seriously I was useless on Tuesday.  I can't wait for pictures, but I will let her share them first.
Cute Diva ears to hold you over

End of Summer start of Fall

Love my herd

Return of fall sunsets
I love fall, it is my favorite season, the changing colors, the cooler weather, the epic sunsets, the change in wardrobe, the extra soft horses at the first glimmer of winter fur.

Also, today marks two months since my first ride on Prisoner!
Not the first ride, but I love this picture!


  1. love all the pictures! and i'm *still* just blown away by Prisoner-- two months in and he is eating those courses UP!

  2. That's a lot of hoof!!

  3. Crazy hoof growth!
    I can't believe it is 2 months already, how time flies when you are having fun!

  4. I too love fall, but in my neck of the woods we usually don't get much of it. Sometimes it seriously feels like we go straight from summer into winter, blech!