Monday, September 22, 2014

Jumping all the jumps

Prisoner continues to be awesome.  I upped him to a figure 8 for jumping as I am needing more response to my half halts.  He seems to have found his confidence about jumping and now seems to think that he can just take over.  News alert buddy, running towards fences won't end well.
First 2'9" oxer!
He is understanding the concept of staying between my legs, if we are coming down to a fence and he thinks about being squirrely I can keep my hands soft and legs on and he figures the question out.
HOLY S,hello knees!

I appreciate that he can get to any distance and isn't flustered over the jump or when we land.

In between jumping days last week I rode him in the dressage saddle again.  His trot work wasn't quite as amazing as last Sunday, but we did canter for the first time in that saddle.  He was great, I was able to really sit and ride him forward.  The bend through his body continues to get more even in each direction.  He is also capable of really nice leg yields to the rail both ways, love him.

Then we jumped again.
Taking fight
The jumps were about a hole up from normal and he attacked them.  Like for realz, I had to halt him at one point as he was hollering, 'to infinity and beyond!'  No. Joke.  I am loving the bold, but to keep things safe for the future I will just keep chipping away at gaining finesse.  No need to make people suck air.

As you can see, there are some good jumps, some wild jumps, and some jumps that we knock down cause someone doesn't want to listen.  Over all though he improves with each ride.  In this second video we need a chill pill, but he is straight and true to every fence.  I think that tomorrow will be a solid flat school with a few fences at the end.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Love me some P-Diddy :) You guys look awesome!

  2. he looks great! definitely getting stronger and more confident - like he wants to eat it all up lol. nice work with him :)

  3. He's definitely feeling confident over fences now!

  4. I see him being a boss in the jumper ring!

  5. Horses that love to jump are definitely the best! Love it when they love their jobs. :) He's so cute!

  6. He reminds me a lot of Ellie right now- let's GO Mom!!!

  7. Two videos on the same course? We need to mix that shit up.

  8. He definitely sounds like a horse that can take everything in stride (physically and mentally!)

  9. He certainly doesn't seem to be having any confidence issues! Hopefully soon he realizes that you know best about not charging them. His jump is really nice looking

  10. I'm having Hemie greenie flashbacks! So funny how they learn. They get brave, they get cocky, then they listen, then they snuggle, then they silly!!