Tuesday, September 23, 2014

For Sale: Bridger

I finally listed Bridger on Dreamhorse.  He is going well and is ready for the next step in his life.  He is a personable horse that deserves a special someone who will feed him cookies and kisses.
He says, 'are you my mother?'
He walk trot canters on the bit pretty consistently these days, and each ride is always a step forward with him.  I have also introduced him to jumps and he is a total natural!  Seriously, I think if someone fosters it he could be a showjumper.  This week was his first time going around courses and I could ride his hind end up to the jump and put him at any distance.

Like NBD

100% willing*

and true*

Look at that sweet expression*
He never even blinked at so called spooky fill under the jumps, we even cantered several jumps in row, pun intended he took it all in stride.

He is a joy to ride over fences.

He is also working on being a fancy dressage horse.
Looking like a grown up*

So classy

His body has filled out and matured over the last year.
Awww, just needs kisses*

Dapples to die for*

And gorgeous veining on his legs*
Do you need a horse?  Does your friend? Maybe Bridger is the one.
*Thanks to Alyssa for the photos!


  1. I always need a horse ;) Suuuuuuuper tempting!

  2. Just a note for you to edit on Dreamhorse, Foal Date Year says 2009 and the Notes say he's a 2005, might confuzzle someone.

    1. Hah no clue how I missed that! Thanks for the heads up! He is definitely a 2009 model.

  3. No, I do not need another horse, but its sure tempting!! I adore dapple greys and he looks so perfect :D

  4. He is just adorable! Dapples everywhere. I bet someone will snap him up quickly!

  5. What's his breeding?

    1. Lipizzan on the top and Trakehner on the bottom.

    2. Fascinating! I'd never heard of a RPSI before. =) Hope he finds a fabulous home soon!

  6. he's lovely - hopefully he finds a great home! nice work bringing him along :)

  7. Love his way of going around. He will make someone really happy!

  8. You've done a good job with him, he looks great!