Saturday, September 13, 2014

Musical Interlude

Turns out it wasn't my weekend to show (no worries P-diddy didn't even get to the show and is perfectly fine)...and typing is a bit difficult so here is a blog hop I hadn't published yet...
Alyssa over at fourmaresnomoney wrote about songs for each of her horses.  I wanted to follow suit, but I am more of song for each mood or riding type.  So I will give you some of my riding and riding dreams soundtrack.

1.  When the day needs some epicness/ everytime I go cross country.

you're welcome I found the song with horse video

If I was going to pick a horse for that song it would be Rio, he thought he was a gangsta.
In a KOC clinic (2009) (saddle pad from The Fork HT in 2006)
2. Song when a horse's owner has upset me

There are two horses that embody that.

3. When I swing up on a race horse

Ok so that video has a conglomerate of songs, but the first one 'Danger Zone' is one of my favorites.  Need a great movie to watch, check out Top Gun, one of my faves (Tom Cruise before he was creepy) it has: fast planes, sweaty guys playing volleyball, a little romance, some sad, lots of happy, fast planes, good ending.
Sweaty horse

4. Riding some kick ass dressage
I really like Bond, they have great 'rock classical'

5. Battling inner fear deamons
This is a pretty new song, but it really captures the feeling of conquering something

Also check out more of Lindsey Stirling's music, love it all!

5. More cross country songs. (mostly politically incorrect)

Start at 1:32 for the part for inspired drop jump riding

um yeah

I may or may not know all the words....pretty much most Eminem songs get me pumped.  Also check out Not Afraid.

6. Other
When I'm in my house cleaning or editing videos (horses of course) or cooking etc. I'm obsessed with Bastille, Imogen Heap, Ginny Blackmore, and The GooGoo Dolls.  So really these are the songs I day dream to.

Dreaming with Diva
Pictures by Mom:)


  1. I am totally loving this blog hop, reminds me so such cool songs I'd forgotten about! ☺
    I hope your finger feels better soon *hugs*

  2. Great songs! I hadn't heard of Lindsey Sterling before, so it's cool to hear her stuff. I'm really sorry you didn't get to go to the show :(

  3. love this some great songs! got to say some of my favourite are fort minor remember the name and eminem lose yourself :D really love these songs. sorry that you didn't get to go on the show

  4. These song choices are awesome! I especially love the 'Apologize' and 'Danger Zone'! :)

  5. sorry the weekend didn't go to plan - hope you're ok! great songs too