Friday, September 12, 2014

Show tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the show I talked about last week (time where have you gone).  We are signed up for the warmup, xrails, 2', 2'3", and the gamblers choice.  Totally psyched!
A little prep today, 2'6"
 My last post mentioned going to S's to school courses, but multiple trucks with troubles changed it to schooling a course at home.  Still fun and a really great school!
Finally channeling inner hunter

Yay for awesome wide angle lenses

Just chillaxin

Love this guy so much

Maybe shut your eyes for the second jump, Mr. Prisoner was all 'Zoooooom! Hang on mom!'  Then he came back and jumped pretty quiet for him.  The rest of the week I worked on the flat and he made great progress.  Today when I jumped (the first picture) he was super, the most relaxed to date.
Flatting on Thursday
Send some good luck vibes, I totally excited!


  1. You guys are doing looking spectacular! Good luck! I'm sure you will do great :)

  2. I am so excited for you!!
    I hope you have a ball ☺

  3. You look great in the video! Both of you. Good luck tomorrow!

  4. You guys look so good! You've done such a great job with him!

  5. Have fun and good luck!!!

  6. awesome - hope you have a blast!