Monday, July 20, 2015

Ready, Set, Montana

Am I fully packed yet? Nope.  Do we pull out in a little over 12 hours? Yes.
Prisoner and I are not worried, we've got this.

I love summer colors
I've got his life time brand inspection, as of 7:30am today, thank you Mr. Brand Inspector for rescheduling 5 times in the last 10 days.  
Seriously these are the only two photos he took, can you tell my horse has to pose a lot.
We have the coggins, the health certificate, and most importantly his grain bags are packed.  I will be living in a tent, not sure when the last time I stayed in a tent was, I'm usually in the horse trailer, but that will be getting used over at Rebecca Farm.  Thank god my hubby has one of those single burner propane camping things, can you imagine the horror of no hot coffee in the morning!?
Not even kidding
I'm at that point where I just can't wait to get in the truck tomorrow morning and get outta dodge.  Wheee trip with my horse!
Herron Park
Some friends are already there and schooled xc today at Herron Park, I totally stole this picture from one of them so you can see how beautiful it is.  At exactly 6.6 miles from Rebecca Farm I will be able to enjoy my mornings with Prisoner and his two friends and then head over to help at the show.  
I can't believe it has been ten years since I was last at Rfarm, so looking forward to seeing how it has changed!
Flight to adventure land!


  1. Hmmmm, Rebecca Farm....any chance you're riding with Tamie Smith? I kinda met her at Jersey Fresh and she is wonderful! Have a great trip :)

  2. i hope you have an awesome trip, and esp that Prisoner has a bast too! also please take approximately 1 million pics haha :)

  3. OMG SO EXCITED!! Have fun and take pictures. I will go one of these days, I swear.