Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Truly the middle of nowhere

So I knew I would have no service on the way to Kalispell, because the road is nothing but mountains and canyons (freaking beautiful).  Turns out that T-mobile believes that no one needs internet up there.  Seriously, I could call and text but that is it, I couldn't even listen to voicemail.  I was sad to miss out on potential blogger meet ups considering we hadn't traded numbers yet, but really the lack of internet was kind of freeing.  I could leave my phone to charge and wander off and really not care.  No worries though I still took a kagillion (scientific term) pictures.
From the big hill on xc, looking back towards stabling

Heading towards Lolo Pass along the Lochsa river
Buck Davidson and The Apprentice 

Foys Lake (right by Herron Park)

Prisoner looking for his friend behind the haybag
We pulled out at 4am on Tuesday and arrived a not so bad 10 hours later at 2pm.  The horses traveled well and settled in perfectly.  It really is one of the most beautiful drives that you can take!  I want to do a few posts about this awesome trip!  Let me just say that getting to watch so many beautiful horses and riders was inspiring.  I'm all about remastering my forward ride to the jumps, too many nutty horses has gotten me too backed off, I'm so ready to keep/start forming Prisoner into the best horse he can be!


  1. I need to be forced to unplug!! Sounds perfect.

  2. I had perfect service but only put a very small US plan on my phone so I also went unplugged. It was very liberating, except then I didn't carry my phone and didn't get many photos :(

  3. Welcome back!!!! What fun!!! Love the pics!

  4. I can't wait to read more and hear about how it all went! I agree that driving through MT is SO pretty. Love it. Except, yeah, no one thinks you need cell service there.

  5. gorgeous!!! and yes, that forward ride to the fences... so amazing when it's right, but so easy to mess up haha