Monday, August 3, 2015


Everybody love everybody.  I just want to say thank you for the support on my last post.  I truly appreciate the ability of horse people to give high fives and hugs, even over the internet.  Negativity seems to abound in the real world, so it is refreshing to come to a place where we focus on the positives.
Prisoner always appreciates some love
I've seen our blogging community rally around each other when circumstances get bad, from the simple bad ride to truly unspeakable tragedy we are there for each other.  When we have problems or questions we share them and usually get great informative answers.
Sound enough for a hack!
I think that equestrian women as a whole get a reputation for being independent and opinionated.  Neither of those are necessarily bad things and I know that I certainly fit into both categories.  Those two things combined with a key board and computer screen can turn into a bit of a quagmire.  At what point do we go from opinion sharing to lightly veiled slurs.  I don't tend to post things that open worm cans, mostly because I don't want to deal with what comes out.

"Rail of wisdom where no lies are told"
Part of the reason I didn't blog for so long was not just busyness.  It was many things, one of which was teeny bits of drama/judgement here and there around the internet, nothing particularly aimed at me, but more just floating around.  It made the blogland atmosphere slightly less warm and while I really really missed connecting with my blogging friends, I wasn't up to opening myself to potential heartache.  All in all it was my loss, because really you guys are all great.
This guy understood the ins and outs of E.L.E.
I guess all I'm saying is to be aware of what you are saying, even with the anonymity of the internet.   I know that we all vent about our own lives from time to time, why would we have a blog if we didn't, but in regards to the things that get said to or about others we should always take a deep breath before we start typing.  Is it constructive?  Would you let a friend say it to your face?  Does it have the ability to lend strength to another?  Does it need to be said in public or private?  Etc, etc. There are so many adages that sum it up, but I'm going to stick with the one I started with today: Everybody Love Everybody.
PC: Alyssa
I'm always threatening to paint "Everybody Love Everybody" on the end of our shedrow at the track


  1. I'm sorry that that was one of the contributing factors to you being gone for as long as you were. I definitely missed reading your posts and I hope you stick with it in the future!

  2. Well said! I for one am glad you are back to blogging.

  3. *hugs*
    Sorry to hear that these were contributing factors to radio silence - i 100% agree with everybody love everybody. I try to treat others as i wish to be treated, not because I'm overly religious but i just think it's a good way to live. I am not perfect and have found myself snipping at people...typically at family members but thankfully they are very forgiving

  4. ♥ Sorry to hear that it's been bothering you! There have been numerous times when I've had to force myself to get away, there's a lot of negativity, for sure. Happy that you are back to blogging! We've missed you!

  5. Aw, I have desperately missed you and hearing about your journey! Especially having just met you a few months ago! You are a beautiful horsewoman both in the blogosphere AND real life! I have definitely found myself either not commenting on and/or avoiding certain blogs due to similar issues, I don't have time for all that negativity in my life.

  6. Glad you are back. I think we have all been on the sending and receiving end of comments that can be taken as constructive or condescending. A lot of the problem is 1. It's hard to always get the tone of a comment across and 2. Keyboard warrior syndrome. It's easy to think you know what's up and have the best idea from the peanut gallery.... I try to always find a positive thing to comment, but I'm pretty jaded, sarcastic by nature so its not always easy ;)

  7. great message, and an important reminder. it's all too easy to toss mean-spirited words into the wind and not care where they land. definitely glad to have you posting again tho - i love reading about all your experiences!!!

  8. I love this post. Something I struggle with a little bit. Several time I have stayed away from posting for this very reason ( I even made a post about it a few weeks ago!) It isvery difficult though over the internet to realize what is sarcasm/playful vs actual mean spiritedness.