Sunday, August 9, 2015

Where to start?

So I was contemplating what I should write about today and thought I'd scroll through facebook pictures for inspiration.  Turns out there are entirely too many of those available, how the heck do I choose what pictures to look at and talk about!?  Then there is the fact of the matter that I struggle to track long enough to actually sort though and find all the pictures on one topic.
So this happened
Prisoner decided to be a maniac when he got turned out the day after we got home from Montana.  While running around the pasture he misjudged a turn and mowed over a T-stake.  Thank God  it was capped and only had hot tape on it.  He managed to bend it to the ground and scraped his tummy, other hind leg and then this leg.  He was super lame afterwards, not a surprise.  If it hadn't had a plastic cap I can only imagine the gash his stomach would have had.  The cut is actually healing quite well and after a few days of bute and no riding he looked pretty good again.
Love the view between these ears
I finally walked him under saddle about 5 days post cut and he actually felt ok.  The next day the hubby came out and did some body work on him.  Rather surprisingly his back and hind end were ok, he had some tightness through his pole/neck/whithers that we worked out and then he declared us ready for work.
Love you man
Another thing I've been using on him quite a bit is the magic yellow blanket.  Yes, I am spoiled, or at least my horse is.  I would like to crawl under the blanket myself.
Nap time
Anyways, I have had two awesome dressage rides and a great jump school and he really feels like he is on his A game.
Working that booty

Stretch that topline

Love him
Seriously guys, even with our ups and downs this horse is da bomb.
And he knows it.


  1. The last shot is cheese-tastic!
    Glad he's healing up okay. :D

  2. He and you are so awesome! Those are great pics minus the maiming one of course!

  3. omg that pic of your hubby adjusting him looks like they're sharing the most epic bro hug lol. glad he's doing so well - and especially glad he didn't wreck himself worse in that tumble!

  4. So glad to hear that he is on the mend from his escapades and that he is back to brilliant under saddle.
    K also gets very light on her forehand (expressive with her front legs) when out anywhere along her spine...she is no martyr and let's me know asap when she twinges

  5. Awww that last pic! Glad he's on the mend :)

  6. Glad that post was capped and he's going to be A-ok! Looking good undersaddle!