Thursday, March 14, 2013

Face to the sun

Oh glorious glorious weather!  Mild mornings and warm afternoons make for a happy girl.  Things are going good down at the track, but I'm moving through chores so fast (and it is dark for so long) that I have yet to get any pictures.  I love the morning routine of grain, grooming, tacking, stalls and hay.  Thank goodness Alyssa has been coming down and helping or 'the ship would be underwater.'  I feel very productive having 7 horses totally done by 9am.

Diva is almost all shedded out, it is like she couldn't stand being 'wintery' for another day.  Fits her name.
Pat cat loves Diva

Being a princess is hard work
Reports are that Bridger has patience issues but a good brain, and Sadie likes to bite. Yup. My thoughts exactly.

In other news, Charlie is still cute!
"Curl your tail like this Pat cat"

Trying out McDreamy eyes
Sorry for the concise verb-age here, it is way past my early rising bedtime.