Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An escape

I am house sitting for a ranch that is a ways out of town.  It is incredible.  I look forward to the week or so I get to spend out here each year.  There is a wild tranquility about the place that makes for a distinct feeling of removal from town.  It is as though a scale from the mundane hardness of society falls away with each rise and fall of the landscape on the drive out.  It is a place for dreaming, a place for exploring, a place for gentle sunrises and smiling skies.  The house is nestled into the side of massive foothill and looks out over hundreds of acres of sage and grass, the landscape is dotted with the occasional horse, cow, deer, and coyote (these are more heard than seen).  Here with the cleaner air and sweeping vistas there is room for your soul to roam and steep in the scents of fresh dirt after rain and sweet searing sage.
From last fall in the smoke from the worst fires I've seen in a long time.

Smoke does make for a nice sunrise

Can just imagine a heard of cattle and their cowboys

Love Love Love this shot, I wish it was from a real camera and not just my phone.