Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bedazzle all the things

Ok guys here it is, a post about how to make sparkly fly bonnets!  Because who doesn't want some of this:
Imagining this with a black bridle and silver clincher
First off, go to a bead store and find your favorite beads.  I'm always drawn to pearls, but beware they don't sparkle in the sun.
So many sparkles!!!
Try to keep with one or two general colors, unless you want a rainbow bonnet.
I want the purples on a grey bonnet
Also pick up some filament (heavy fishing line works, good bonding time with the hubby at Cabella's anyone?) and some clamp shells.
These are for the ends
First cut a generous piece of line, string on a shell and a small metal bead
This is also how you finish the strand so these pictures work for both

shell plus bead

Strand back through the hole in the shell and pull tight

Clamp the shell shut with pliers
After the first end is on string on the beads.  I like to lay out a pattern on a towel so they don't roll away.  I am rather OCD so I really like a perfect pattern, but with all the sparkle and the distance that this will be seen from it doesn't matter too much.
Strand 1 under construction

Me being OCD

Strand 2 under construction
After you have the strand finished off pin it on the bonnet
Lay it on

Pin it

Sew it on.  You can stop there or add another strand for crazy bling
Give it a try, go crazy.  
So if you read this and are feeling totally overwhelmed, sprinklerbandit and I are thinking about making these to sell, would anyone be interested?


  1. Very fun! I like bling as an idea but typically don't buy it for myself, that being said there is definitely a market for it and I'm sure you can sell a bunch of it!

  2. Great tutorial and it seems do able!

  3. Love them! I need to try this with one of my bonnets that needs some pizzazz.

  4. Purdy! I sparkly-fied one of my fly bonnets last year, but I was just lazy and used a swarovski chain and sewed it on.