Friday, November 8, 2013

Yes you can bend

Diva was thinking maybe she didn't need to.  I rode her yesterday after several days off and she was pretty good.  She started out just a tad bit tense, I took a few trot steps on our circle to make sure there were no bucks or scoots and then off we went for a ride around the property.  She seemed like maybe she had something up her sleeve, but I think it was actually just a bit of pissy mareness (I guess sometimes she just can't help it, hey neither can I).  *note: spell check wants to change mareness to maleness...yup that works too, I know many many pissy males.  After our cruise around (during which I was noticing a lack of willing bend to the right) we headed back to the circle for some actual work.  She is so fun it is easy to just keep cruising, but I want her to be the best.  So work it is.  She is kinda funny, as in the trot she bends both ways and feels great, but in the walk if I try to bend right she just braces and falls in.  So around and around we went and I just kept methodically asking for some give, finally she licked and chewed and gave.  Then we were able to do figure eights with soft even bend both ways.  After that we took a break and cruised on the buckle then it was back to work with some of her best trot yet, then more on the buckle.  I was super pleased with her.
Kittens helping with the blog  
Sorry, I didn't even get an ear shot.  I also got to ride Courage yesterday which is always a treat, sprinklerbandit has really been working hard with him and he felt great!
So uphill!

He is going to be so fancy!
And finally a throwback to my first year on racehorses
Also, I changed the blog header.


  1. I love the last pic! Gah - I would love to exercise racehorses!

  2. For some reason, looking at these pictures makes me want to wrap C-rage in super cute polos. :D

  3. and that last picture is why you kicked bootie in the 2 point challenge ;)