Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just a little longer

So I took my final two point time, but in the spirit of normal for me procrastination I think I will take one last one on tomorrow the final day of two point torture.  You know, just in-case I can grind it out a little longer!  That said, Diva and I have had the most incredible week.  I'm sorry for being positive kind-of all the time, but really I'm not sorry.  I've had a lot of ups and downs and right now most things are up and I'm focusing on it.  When things are down I try to not focus on it, yes I have been accused of acting like Pollyanna.
I seriously just found that whole  movie on youtube!  If you haven't seen it, you should watch it.  Total classic, I don't even know how many times I watched it as a kid.
*spoiler alert*
Pretty much she is always positive, then she gets crippled and the whole community that she taught to be positive supports her and helps find the joy again.

I wish they still made movies like that!

Woah, rabbit trail, I do believe there is serious danger of me becoming a crazy cat lady/distracted professor type when I am old.

Back to horses.
So Diva did this this week:

Figured out how to jump like this!

And trot like this!

and this!

and this!
Everything just started clicking for her and it felt amazing!  The next step will be to continue developing her caboose so the balance can come up off of the forehand.  That will involve a million transitions and hill work.  Speaking of hill work, she also did this:
We walked down this

And then back up it
We went on another trail ride!!!!!  Just a couple of OTTB's being the best!  There was one mishap that ended ok that sprinklerbandit discusses here.  The part where I tumble to the ground happened due to my arms only stretching so far between Diva and Courage's reins.  I only tumbled off of my own two feet so no injury.  Then they were both the best...pretty sure Diva and Courage are have a 'best at' contest.  Currently his jumping and uphillness is winning, but her general flat work is winning.  I need to remember to get a picture of the scary strange walkover thing that caused the early trail ride mishap (no worries buddy it freaks me out too).  I'm so happy to have the combo for the lock on the legitimate gates.  Seriously though, the ride was amazing.  Diva was on the buckle, figured out balance going downhill, and how to stay on the trail.  I'm so in love with her right now.

Best time with buddies!
Ok so the one thing that I don't love about her is her bottomless stomach.  OMG.  That mare eats so much food.