Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Years End

Nope I don't have a polished recap post for you, I don't even have a polished recap video.  What I do have is an overall joyful year.  Yes bad stuff happened, but this is real life and shit happens.  I am looking forward to the new year and new adventures.  The hubby and I had an impromptu goal setting session and our number one goal is financial stability.  Hah, hard to do with horses, but doable.  Really as soon as a hospital realizes how awesome I am and hires me we will be well on our way.
I guess this doesn't equal magic money
What does financial stability look like to us?  Bills paid on time every time.  Big hay stacks.  Regular car maintenance.  Lessons/horse shows (lucky for me the Hubby wants this to happen).  Racehorse stuff.  Savings for a vacation.
Oh hey that is me at an event
With some restructuring and more strategic hard work these things are totally doable.   I am looking forward to the challenge and can't wait for more adventures.
Maybe Prisoner and I can make an appearance in the next Jimmy Wofford book
More jumps like this

Posing at Disneyland with my step sister...no joke

Ocean selfie, feel the love
Need some music to listen to?  Check out The Cab, they have lots fun upbeat songs.


  1. Yah! I'm so glad you had a great year.

  2. Think that's a great goal and with working together like y'all do, you'll be there in no time. Big hubby points for supporting your showing goals too :)

  3. YAY for setting adult goals like financial stability! I gotta add that to my 2015 goals as well. But 2014 was a great year for you; P-Diddy swooped in at just the right time :)

  4. You had a wonderful 2014, and I admire your commitment to positive thinking even when bad things happened. It's been great to "meet" you and your crew this year! I ALSO have a super-fancy budget spreadsheet that I'd be happy to share with you if that would help you with your goal!!

    1. Thank you so much! I would love to get ahold of that spreatsheet, I will send a FB message

  5. Financial stability is on the list for me and my husband as well. Wishing you a wonderful 2015! :)

  6. I envision lots of kick ass times and shows and cross country in the year to come. Don't you worry little lady!

  7. Financial stability is for sure one of my 2015 goals as I get out of grad school and start paying down debt. Glad that horse shows and lessons are in there too!

  8. Great goal for 2015 - when you crack the money making secret, please share it with me!
    I promise to use such knowledge responsibly to splurge of ponies *halo*

  9. love this - and very much looking forward to following you and Prisoner into 2015!! good luck!