Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Crazy cat lady

Wow, two posts in September, I'm really blowing this blog out of the water...kidding.  Things have been busy as usual and thinking out a blog post when I get home just hasn't been a priority.  I have been reading lots of your blogs, what fun adventures!  This last week was complete insanity.  I got the hubby on the road to Phoenix, picked up extra chores and horses at the trainer's barn while she was out of town.  Hauled over to school at a local jumper show, hauled a friend's kid to a lesson, judged the jumper show, picked up Courage and Bacon, took Courage and Bacon to the event derby, more chores, more horse riding, hauled Courage and Bacon home.  It was five solid days of trailering in one week, and then last night I thought I would go to jump night, what is one more drive with the trailer?  I'm going to be turning my car like it has a trailer.
Got watch some beautiful sunsets from the truck though.
So many adventures have happened with Aimee and Alyssa, seriously guys I have so many pictures, where to even start.  First off can I just say I'm so thankful for great friends and the ability for us to all have 12 year old levels of joy when it comes to pony adventures?
Winning at group selfies

Prisoner steals the shot
Prisoner has been coming so far in his dressage, it really makes me excited!  I love to jump and love to event, but I grew up in a dressage barn and the love runs deep.
Woah, I let my hair down
 So I had my hair in a bun that was coming loose, in the name of cool pictures I just let it fly.  Also note the sprinklerbandit's sparkle helmet, bridle, and stirrups.  Sparkle like your life depends on it!  Wasn't super pleased with Prisoner's mouth in most of these shots, should have put his loose ring on the bridle, but yay for not needing to buy a $200 kk bit.
Pink breeches, thank you Tailored Sportsman

I need to pull his mane!

Can you even believe that neck!?

Wild hair!!!
From another day, sexy horse.
We have also had some really good jump schools, we even went and did some cross country!  This lady decided to put xc jumps at her house, woot woot!
Beast mode
Here is a video of that, yay Aimee for being ground crew.  Yes, feel free to laugh at the number of times I say good boy.


  1. He is looking so good!! I love watching you handle his silly moments when he's nervous or uncertain about a fence. Great things are in store for you two, I just know it!

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate the support

  2. So many wonderful pics! Love that group selfie one :)

  3. those group selfies are awesome ! also i could pretty match watch videos of P man jumping all day long lol. glad to see him doing so well!

    1. Lol, and I thought it was just me who wanted to always watch him jump;)

  4. I have the anorexic model horse and you two have the sexy muscled men. Cause we are awesome.

  5. You guys are killing it & look so awesome!
    Way to rock the group selfies ♡♡♡

    1. Thanks girl, always love your support!

  6. So fun! And he looks amazing!